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Benefits at a glance

Eight good reasons why it is worthwhile being a member of TransferAllianz:

  1. Access to a growing network of KTT experts from other institutions for personal networking and to share experience – both at national and international level.
  2. Continuous information on important events and trends, statistics and studies, tools as well as best practice concerning KTT.
  3. Information and privileged access to relevant and tailored further education formats with experts with years of experience.
  4. Platforms to market one’s own technology offers, participation in trade fairs and congresses at favourable conditions.
  5. Contributing one’s own fields of interest and concepts in order to place them more effectively in Germany and the EU.
  6. Participation in theme-oriented working groups to compile and present higher-level policy papers.
  7. Contributing one’s own expertise as a consultant at seminars, congresses or in committees.
  8. Making one’s own institution more visible and contributing to the development of the association’s strategy via an active role in the members’ assembly or in other committees.



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