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terraplasma medical successfully completes financing


The Munich-based medical technology company terraplasma medical GmbH successfully completed the first round of major financing (seed). The raised money, a seven-figure Euro amount, will be used to develop plasma care and establish the market approval. This mobile, battery-powered medical device for in- and outpatient treatment of chronic and acute wounds using cold plasma, which destroys fungi and even multi-resistant bacteria, is based on research of the Max Planck Institute for extraterrestrial Physics.

Bacteria – especially multi-resistant germs – are one of the greatest problems in difficult-to-heal chronic and acute wounds. The terraplasma medical device aims to optimize the wound treatment process carried out by medical professionals and to reduce the pain suffered by the patients and increase their quality of life.

In order to achieve this vision, terraplasma medical is developing a mobile, battery-powered medical device for inpatient and outpatient treatment of chronic and acute wounds, which kills even multi-resistant bacteria by applying cold plasma. Plasma is often referred to as a fourth aggregate state (in addition to solid, liquid and gaseous) and describes a particle mixture whose actual components are partially charged components.

In a clinical study led by the City Clinic Schwabing (Munich Municipal Hospital Group), Germany, and the University Hospital Regensburg, Germany, in cooperation with Prof Dr Gregor Morfill, former director of the Max Planck Institute in Garching, and PD Dr Julia Zimmermann, CEO of terraplasma medical, over 300 patients were treated with cold plasma. The clinical study showed a significant reduction of the bacterial load in chronic wounds (irrespective of the species and the level of resistance of the bacteria to antibiotics) and enhanced and faster wound healing. Moreover, a faster and improved healing of skin graft wounds as well as faster healing of lesions and reduction of acute pain from Herpes Zoster could be observed.

terraplasma medical GmbH was founded by terraplasma GmbH, a spin-off from the Max Planck Institute of extraterrestrial Physics, and Dynamify GmbH.

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