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The TransferAllianz has a wide international network and entertains personal links with many actors and knowledge pools in other countries across the world. TransferAllianz representatives also act in responsible roles in these networks, where they can accordingly contribute to designing the services representation of interests and framework conditions. The three largest networks are given here as examples:


ATTP (Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals)

ATTP confers the world-recognized Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP) designation which recognizes the accomplishments, roles, skills, knowledge, and deal-making expertise of technology transfer professionals.

TransferAllianz is ATTP member.



ASTP-Proton is the leading knowledge transfer association in Europe. ASTP-Proton key values are to initiate, inspire, involve and influence individuals and collectives.


AUTM – Association of University Technology Managers

The Association of University Technology Managers is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing research to life by supporting and enhancing the global academic technology transfer profession through education, professional development, partnering and advocacy. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the head office.



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