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In comparison to other countries, the German higher education system is still mainly characterised by research and teaching – the entrepreneurial mission and the implementation of transferring acquired knowledge tends to be understood as a downstream activity. This is also a result of prioritising and funding practices on the part of the Federal and Länder governments, which focus primarily on research.

As the largest German association of its kind, the TransferAllianz contributes to a better understanding of the significance and practice of knowledge and technology transfer (KTT). Transfer has to be part of the self-conception of a science institution and has to be correspondingly supported or also organised in partnership with service providers. To achieve this, our members act as consultants at seminars, conferences and workshops.

In addition, TransferAllianz cooperates with KTT experts in Federal and Länder committees and commissions in order to give impulses for the development of better framework conditions (legislation, guidelines), new funding programmes and further instruments. At international level, too, as the German association in the field of KTT, TransferAllianz seeks to speak with one voice for its members.

Since the association brings together all actors – universities, research institutions and transfer service providers – under one roof, it can focus and represent the common interests more effectively than a single institution would be able to on its own.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the head office or a board member responsible for lobbying activities.

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